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Rice is one of the most eaten food around the world. It is so popular that it is eaten as a staple food in so many countries. There are different types of rice are available in the market, depending on size, shape, and color.


White rice and brown rice are so popular among all the variety.


White rice is in good taste and also it is consumed more than any rice in the world. This rice is refined in the mill.


On the other hand, brown rice is so popular because of its health benefits. It is not so good in taste but the health point of view, it is the best.

Differences between white rice and brown rice:


The organic rice is brown because brown rice is directly coming from the farm, whereas white rice is processed in a mill with the help of machinery.

White rice is produced after the removal of three-layer of brown rice in the mill. A milling process removes husk, bran, and germ. With that three-layer, almost nutrition, including vitamins, fiber, and minerals are removed from rice. White rice mainly contains carbs and empty calories, and few nutrients.

Brown rice contains all parts of the grain. Also, it has more fiber and antioxidants, as well as protein, vitamins, enough nutrients, and minerals.

100g of cooked brown rice provides 1.8g of fiber, whereas 100 grams of white provide only 0.4 grams of fiber. Thus brown rice is healthier than white rice.

Also, other essential nutrients are present in brown rice, and also a few nutrients are present in white rice. You need to know what are the essential nutrients the rice contains and how much of that nutrients are present per 100g.

Here is the nutritional comparison of brown and white rice:


Brown rice

White rice






















Vitamin B6



What you should choose!

In comparison with both brown and white rice, it is obvious that brown rice is the best option in terms of nutritional quality and health benefits.

In some cases, one type of rice may be preferable to another.

But you should also note that the condition of health is varying from person to person. Brown rice may be good for some people, but not for all. The same with white rice. It purely depends on your health or your medical condition. Nutrients are varying in both white rice and brown rice. Some of the nutrients are more in brown rice and some are in white rice.

So I would like you to suggest that first understand your health condition, read the nutritional value table which I have put in this article for you to get knowledge of nutrients. Think about what are the key nutrients you need more and decide what type of rice you need to eat to get those nutrients, it may be brown rice or white rice!